This award winning film is based on an individual and his community, in India. The settings are by and large enamored on rural regions, where the denizens abide by their belief system and world views to embrace and protect wild life and the surrounding green ambience.This film participated in the Indian Panorama: 1999 and in MIFF: 2000 in the competition category, apart from winning the National Award for the Best Environment / Conservation Film and swept 2 International Awards at the Environmental Film Festival, Bratislava: 1999.


Cast & Crew 

Director - Papa Rao Biyyala 

Cinematography - P.Ranjan

Narration - Bhaskar Bhattacharji 

Editor - M.Subramani

Music -  Mayukh Hazarika and Amit Kilam 

Sound - M.A Mathew

Narration writer -Vinay sheel Oberoi 

Script assitance - Iffat Fatima 

Production assistance- Chena Ram

Producer - Dayakar Rao 

Production - Yamini Films Pvt.Ltd